We are active in the fourth generation as a hairdresser and deal since the foundation over and over again with second hair. Our long-standing experience with the noble product hair has stamped us to specialists of our professional group.

In the 1970's we strongly dealt with second-hair and could already achieve worldwide prosperities. The world champion's title in the matter of second-hair is the best confirmation of our long-standing experience.

In 1988 our interest in hair extensions began. We co-operate with different companies since this time and have offered hair extensions with big success in our hairdressing salons. Because, however, the purchase was too expensive at various companies and the customer had to spend a lot of money for it's extension, we get in contact with the biggest companies to offer the products for realistic prices to the end user.

We - Hairlife - stand for experience, quality and competence. And all that for an unbeatable price !