Controlling service:
One week after placing the extensions you are invited by our partner salon to a free controlling service to check the junctions (bondings) of your extensions once again. This appointment is a great advantage for you and is marked on your HAIRLIFE SERVICE CARD.

Purge cut:
The natural loss of hair of a human amounts to approx. 80 - 100 hairs per day. These are removed by combing or washing. The hairs in the junctions are melted together and cannot be removed the normal way. Therefore, a purge-cut should be carried out every 6 - 8 weeks. By the observance of this service appointment you can reduce the removing of the extensions after wearing at around half. In addition, felting of the hair is thereby avoided.

Before sleeping or laying down you should brush the hair well and bind it to a plait. The hair is thereby strained less and felting is avoided (splitting).

Washing strains:
The hair is sorted on ground with the fingers and afterwards is combed out with the HAIRLIFE brush from hair line to tip. It is advisable to hold on the hair at the bondings - not pull to strong or tear! For washing you should bend your head back (no headlong wash). Shampooning is done from hair line to tip - do not tear, rub or pull.

Blow-dry the hair:
After washing the hair press them dry in a towel - do not rub (risk of felting!) Afterwards blow-dry the extensions. Very importantly, because wet bondings can moisten otherwise! Blow-dry the hair with the hairdryer in a distance of about 25 cm at tepid temperature, because with high heat the hair and bondings can be damaged.

Before swimming twist the hair to a plait. Afterwards press dry the bondings. Care of the hair is advantageous (hair package, brushing, etc.)